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We are dedicated to protecting our clients in the IT world with committed, expert help when you need us.

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As your business and technology evolves, we can help ensure your IT changes to keep things running best.

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One of the superpowers our clients love best is our ability to translate ‘geek speak’ into simple language.

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Our scaled OMNI plans mean your business IT is always sorted, with help on call when you need it.


What they say

Our Wardens thrive on saving the day when our customers experience IT challenges. We’re delighted to share positive feedback from our happy customers below.

Campbell Jones

CEO, ACM Auto Parts
“ACM Auto Parts engaged StormWarden to reset the technology scene in our business. They were tasked not only to provide operational support for our staff and infrastructure but also to give value from experts who understand how technology can impact a business. StormWarden has made a positive difference across the entire organisation. I recommend working with them to anyone who wants an IT provider they can rely on.”

Maria Bennett

CEO, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia
“Neighbourhood Watch Australasia engaged StormWarden to assess and report on the effectiveness and robustness of a software product. They provided a technical depth of understanding that we didn't have within our business, and were easy to work with and quickly understood our requirements on a critical project that we are delivering related to online security. The highly skilled team at StormWarden has given us real peace of mind knowing we have a technical partner with the expertise necessary to support us throughout the project, allowing us to focus on our core strengths.”

Gary Martin

CEO, Marque Group
“The personal approach to understanding your technology needs has helped our company to focus on a solution, rather than a short term plan. That’s why we use the Managed Services that StormWarden provides. Flexibility is key in a growing company and with many points of integration between business units, challenges always arise. Identifying the issue and providing solutions has helped us to continue to build a strong platform for our group Internationally.”

Tom McAll

Founder, Hospohire
“Since engaging StormWarden to provide security and infrastructure oversight of our product, we have had nothing but a positive experience. The team have been our AWS cloud experts and have given us a sense of safety in doing business. StormWarden was able to identify security threats to our system and alleviate them promptly prior to our deployment. A top notch organisation.”

Damian Jones

Founder & Director, Maddy Jones Foundation
“We are a small charitable Foundation with no internal IT expertise. StormWarden have provided us with fantastic support and advice and are able to explain things in an easy to understand way, offering practical solutions.”

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Whether it is a printer on the fritz, or you’ve accidentally deleted all of your files, our team of trusted experts are ready to come to the rescue.


Wardens can rapidly put in place sophisticated, multi-layer defences around your business protecting you against, cyber-attack, data theft or loss and costly system outages.


Our Wardens help businesses enjoy the collaborative benefits of cloud storage while ensuring critical data and files are safely stored and backed up.


Our Wardens can assess what technology you need to streamline your business operations and put the correct IT infrastructure in place.


When it’s time for a system change or upgrade, Wardens offer proficient, end to end management and delivery of even the most complex IT projects.

The Sidekicks

In addition to our specialty areas, we can offer support with purchasing the right products, setting up voice technology and website hosting.

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