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If your IT isn’t set up correctly, you’re open to a wide range of security threats. You may have heard terms like hacking and phishing before, but what does it mean for a SME? Our Wardens will talk you through the risks facing your business and how we can mitigate them.


Our Superpowers Deliver

Internet Security

Wardens will review which internet security systems you have in place and determine those that require updates or replacement in order to help you avoid current threats. As new threats arise, we can help keep your business safe online.

Cloud Safety

Not all cloud platforms provide the security you need to keep your data private. Wardens can set up a secure, reliable platform to host your business information in one convenient location that only you and your team can access when in or out of the office.

Staff Safety

Our professional IT team can help you reduce the risks of data breaches that may occur due to human error. We can help ensure your team knows how to protect sensitive information such as financial data, intellectual property and identity information.

IT Support

Once your systems are completely secure, why not take advantage of our IT Support services? Or for ongoing security and support, choose a HERO pack. HERO packs are scalable and give you budget certainty with the IT support you need.

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