A New Office Setup

Shift Happens ( exists to work out how technology can make life easier for businesses. Their aim is to look at industries and find opportunities to make life simpler and businesses more productive.

They had an office that from a technology standpoint wasn’t as efficient as they would have liked. They faced several issues. Shared 4G for internet, printing by copying PDF’s to a USB which was inserted into their printer, poor wireless and no media in the meeting room. They needed a way to optimise their setup without recreating a whole new infrastructure to run their operations.

A New Office Setup allowed Shift Happens to achieve a range of improvements which greatly improved the efficiency of the office. NBN install, a new office rack for equipment, correct installation of the printer and a permenant wireless access point made it into a modern functional technology workplace.

This solution has helped Shift Happens to utilise the full potential of their office as well as increase the efficiency of staff.

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