AWS Scalable Cloud Hosting

Hospohire ( is a hospitality-based staffing platform. For the last 2 years they have been challenging the hiring norm and delivering a revolutionary new way for applicants and employers to interact. They believe that by ensuring compatibility of both employers and employees, they are able to consistently deliver quality outcomes for all parties. Their goal is to revolutionise the way that the hospitality industry operates in the way that labour is sourced and increase effectiveness of finding quality people for hospitality employers.

Hospohire were struggling with the stability of their initial platform. As a result there was performance problems for users of the site and it did not allow users to seamlessly utilise its features. They needed a way to make their platform stable and secure but also have an ability to grow as their customer base increased.

AWS Scalable Cloud Hosting allows Hospohire to scale up their platform as the demand incrteases. Thanks to autoscaling and world class security, the business can rely on their platoform to perform exactly to their needs and focus on their customers. Now Hospohire uses AWS Scalable Cloud Hosting to host their Applicant and Venue portals to work with all of their customers with confidence.

This solution has helped Hospohire to ensure they have the right capacity, when they need it. Their goal of revolutionising the way that the hospitality industry operates is able to move forward without the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure.

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