AWS Virtual Desktops

ACM Parts ( is a national motor vehicle parts supplier selling high quality original, recycled and independently certified parts to the motor repair industry as well as directly to the general public. Their goal is to continually improve the way that people source parts and enhance every element of Australia’s spare parts supply chain for good.

ACM Parts were faced with difficulties in getting staff access to company resources with COVID-19 forcing many of their people to work from home. As a result there were staff who were able to work but unable to access the systems needed to perform their job. They needed a way to give their employees access to their business systems, but do it in a safe manor without compromising on company security.

AWS Virtual Desktops allows ACM Parts to use a personal device at home to securely connect to a desktop that is run from within their network, enabling the accecss to all of their business systems. Thanks to the secure cloud platform, employees are now able to successfully work from home in secure cloud environments. Now ACM Parts uses AWS Virtual Desktops to connect their remote workers to their business systems and plan on keeping the system after work resumes in the local office.

This solution has helped ACM Parts to ensure secure, stable access to their business systems that remain available to all remote working employees. Their goal of continually improving the way that people source parts and enhancing every element of Australia’s spare parts supply chain for good, continues to operate from the safety of their employees homes. As a result they have seen work continuing to work even with the majority of their workforce operating remotely.

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