PCI Compliant Web Hosting

Maddy Jones Foundation ( is a not for profit organisation. They believe in raising awareness to the public and healthcare professionals for the need of urgent and effective treatment of Sepsis. Their goal is to eliminate preventable deaths and disabilities resulting from a lack of Sepsis awareness.

Maddy Jones Foundation were struggling to get PCI compliance for their website which takes donations for their organisation. As a result they were at risk of losing the ability to take donations online. They needed a way to ensure their website passed PCI compliance checks to securely collect donations.

PCI Compliant Web Hosting allows Maddy Jones Foundation to confidently continue to collect donations safely. With the system constantly monitored and kept up to date with current threats, the foundation can continue to operate with confidence. Now Maddy Jones Foundation uses PCI Compliant Web Hosting to collect all of their online donations simply and securely.

This solution has helped Maddy Jones Foundation to ensure no disruptions to their digital donation collections. Their goal of eliminating Sepsis is able to continue with confidence.

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